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santa catarina


Santa Catarina, the 2nd southern state in Brazil is one of the most popular holiday destination - even for Brazilians themselves coming from all over the country.

Santa Catarina is known for its amazing nature in form of beaches, palm hills and waterfalls, but also for it's great parties and festivals and a very high life quality in general.

Jaragua do Sul

The beaches are amazing all over the Santa Catarina Coastline from North to South. Everybody loving water and beach in some way should find his or her ideal spot. There are family beaches with low waves like Enseiada beach at Sao Franciso do Sul in the North of the country. Surfers find very good waves in Garopaba, which also turns into a great party spot at  the end of year holiday season. 

There is one more special attraction in Garopaba in the Brazilian winter months from May to September. The Right Southern Wale comes to the Garopaba bay to raise their offspring. Boats go out to see the whales from very close by almost daily. The 18 meters long mammals truely are spectacular to watch.

Praia da Rosa, Garopaba

But there is more then beaches and whales in Santa Catarina. The interior of the state has to offer a lot. There are low mountains in the South close to Rio Grande do Norte, the most southern state of Brazil. You are lead through the mountains by steep and 180 serpentines which get lid at night. Quite a stunning view..

Further from the middle to the North of the state travellers find a very surprising German influence. About half of the immigrants to Santa Catarina were Germans. So in cities like Blumenau or Pomerode you find a lot of nice little German timbered houses. Also very traditionally each bigger city in that region has its German festival. The biggest one is hosted by the biggest of the cities - Oktoberfest! in Blumeau. The festival can easily compete with its big brother in Munich. On weekend days there are up to 100,000 visitors per day and the party as it least as good. German music, clothes + beer combined with Brazilian people and party style.

Corupa, Santa Catarina

The interior of the state has even more to offer. There are stunning waterfalls like the Corupa Waterfalls in the North of the state about one hour away from the sea. The falls consist of 14 different waterfalls along a low mountain that you can climb up on 2 hours walk. The humid and very warm conditions are also perfect host too many tropical animals, some of them very dangerous as the Cobra Coral.

Last but not least there is the capital of course - Florianopolis or just called Floripa. Most part of the city lays on an Island. Having water from all sides results in 42 different beaches just in Floripa. Truly a splendid holiday destination. Florianopolis is also the birthplace of the famous tennis player and 3x French Open Winner Gustavo Kuerten.

 Enjoy Santa Catarina.


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