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The pantanal


The Pantanal - located in Brazil's west but also in parts of Bolivia and Paraguay - is a true paradise for any fans of animal and bird watching.

The Pantanal itself is a huge marshland area. With a size of 140,000 kmē it is bigger then Greece for example.


As the name marshland is applying already, the area is very humid and also partially covered with water. This applies especially to the rain season from December to March where most of the area is actually covered with water. And the very warm climate combined with 99% humidity are a truly perfect conditions for hundreds of spectacular animals, flowers and plants that you could usually only see in zoologic or botanic garens. 

Monkeys, big lizzards, chamaeleons and caimans are only a few examples of the impressive fauna that can be seen in the Pantanal. Also there, though harder to find are pumas or anacondas. You see there are some of the most dangerous animals on earth. So company by experienced guides are an absolute must to explore the area.

Pantanal butterfly

The Pantanal is also a paradise for Bird fans. Tucans, parrots, macaws, tropical and color butterfly and dragonflies can be spotted everywhere along the Pantanal. In terms of the amount and variety of animals that can be seen the Pantanal beats the Amazon by lengths. Apart from the rich fauna in the Pantanal also the Flora is absolutely remarkable. Many tropical flowers and trees find their home in the Pantanal.

The best way to visit the Pantanal is to start your trip from Campo Grande, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul. Campo Grande can be reached by plane as well as by bus. Several tour operators are located at the Airport and the bus station. The operators then organize your trip by truck to the actual marshlands as well as the accomodation which are usually smaller bed and breakfast like habitations. A recommendable operator is Eco Tours. a 4 day trip with accomoation and tours should cost about 400 Brazilian Reais (~ 200 US $).

Pantanal sunsetThere are different ways to explore the Pantanal then once you are in there. A safari by walk or bike! make you feel the intensity of the area very strongly. Noises of the various animals can be heard while walking thorugh the area. Also the mosquitos and the heat are notable very much when exploring the area waling or cycling. Safaris by truck or boat make you see wider parts of the area. Especially going by boat and watching the fauna and flora on the side of the river while feeling a light rereshing breeze is very enjoyable. 

An even more adventurous way to explore the Pantanal is on the back of a horse. Riding through the waters and woods and spotting chamaeleons and birds to your side is a very exciting experience.

An other must see in the Pantanal are the sunsets. The special light in these zones of the earths combined with the wideness of the country and the clouds and its a reflections in the water resullt in an impressive and very romantic scenery at sunset times. So don't miss it.

 Enjoy the Pantanal.


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