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The northeast


One of the most special places in Brazil and probably even the world is the Northeast of Brazil.

Big cities with a great nightlife and parties especially at carnival mix with gorgeous lonely beaches and little romantic fisher villages. So there is most likely something for everybody out there in the Northeast. But let's see more in detail.

Islands in front of Maceio

Let's start in Salvador de Bahia, capitol of the state Bahia and 3rd biggest city in Brazil after Sao Paulo and Rio. The city itself has many historic buildings, most of them renovated and in a good shape. Igreja Sao Franciso (San Franisco Church) with its impressive interior design has doesn't need to fear the comparison to Notre Dame or the Dome of Cologne. Pelourinho, the historic center with its old colorful houses is an other must see there.

Even at the city itself you find some nices beaches. A little bit further away from the town the beaches are even much more impressive though. For example about a half hour car or bus ride to the north there is Praia do Flamengo (Flamingo Beach). Endless sand as long as you can see is aligned by palm trees behind it that lean when there is a blow of wind. As it is a bit further away from the city on a weekday you have a good chance to have the beach almost for you all alone.

Praia do Flamengo, Salvador

The carnival in Salvador though is even more famous then the historic centre and the beaches though. Rio and Sao Paulo Carnival is known all over the world. Most Brazilians though call the Salvador Carnvial the real carnival. It is a stunning party with pretty much no sleep involved.

About 600 kms to the North you come to an other very nice Northern Eastern City - Maceio. This is the capital of the state Alagoas. Smaller then Salvador Maceio has also nice buildings as beautful churches. But much more impressive are the the marvelhous beaches. As in Salvador even in the city you find decent beaches and can watch the fishers getting in their nets with the haul.

Once again further away from the city the beaches get even way more better. Going on a trip to the South of Maceio you pass by amazing beaches like Praia de FrancÚs or Praia da Gunga. White Sand, blue and about 26░C warm water and endless coconut plantages behind the beach make you being in paradise.

Coconut trees close to Maceio

Another 500 km North you reach Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte. Similar to Salvador the city shines with nice historic buildings in a vey good shape. On top of the also gorgeous beaches you can see you a lot of the sealife while snorkeling a bit further down the coast. Driiving along the beach by beach buggy is great fun and something that you can't do in that many places on this planet.

 Enjoy the Northeast.


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