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Iguacu Waterfalls


Located in the Southwest of Brazil at the border to Argentina there is one spectacle of nature - the Iguacu Waterfalls.

The Iguacu River separating the two countries runs down in 220 single waterfalls at a maximum height of 70 meters. This might not result in the highest or water-richtest waterfalls, but probably nowhere else you have the feeling that everywhere you look, there are just waterfalls.

The waterfall area is so big that one day is not even enough to see all the falls. You can access the falls from National Parks on both sides - the Brazilian and the Argentinean one. Already the Argentinean one is most likely going to take you one whole day. The Brazilian side takes you about half a day. Entrance fees for the National Parks are about 10 $ each.

There are also loads of organized tours from Foz do Iguacu - which is the next bigger city and recommended place to stay overnight about 15 kms away from the falls. The daytours are around 25 $ US and then include the fee of one of the National Parks. Even as you are with a tour there is still plenty of time to walk around at the falls so it is quite an enjoyable and easy way of getting there and see the waterfalls.

The waterfalls reach their biggest height at the so called Garganto do Diablo (The Devil's throat) - which can be seen here at the above picture. It has its name from the shape of this special round waterfall that is almost closed completely. Standing on the platform very close to the water running down, watching down the 70 meters and the constant thundering noise really gives you goosebumps. Great fun is also to go on a small boat and go directly one of the smaller falls - very refreshing. Just put away your camera beforehand - unless it's waterproof.

While you are just in the area there are actually more very interesting attractions.  2 kms in front of the Brazilian Iguacu National Park there is the Parque dos Aves - Bird's Park. You are together with Tucans, Parrots and loads of more tropical and colorful birds - not divided through a fence, just together within one big cage.

About an other 20 km away from Foz do Iguacu there is the Itaipu hydroelectrical dam and power plant at the border of Brazil and Paraguay. 18 huge turbines use the water of the Paraná river to produce energy. Today the plant delivers 90% of Paraguay's and 20% of Brazil's energy. In 1995 Itaipu was elected one of the new Seven Wonders of the modern world. 

Iguacu is a Must See for all Brazil Travellers. Enjoy.


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