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Brazilian Carnival


If you are a Carnival fan or just simply want to enjoy one of the greatest parties in the world seeing and experiencing the Carnival in Brazil is a must.

Everywhere in the country the people really know how to make a good party, but carnival time even tops it. Normal life stops for 5 days and for the Movements of the Samba Schools whole cities are turned into a big sea of colorful dancers.

Brazilan Woman dancing at Carnival

Where to go to Carnival in Brazil

Carnival is popular all over Brazil, but traditionally it is much bigger in the big metropoles like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and the Northeast of the country. Rio and Sao Paulo have huge Sambadroms - the Stadiums where the Samba Schools perform their shows - with space for more than 20,000 people. The carnival of both cities is famous internationally over TV and the destiny of many foreign tourists.

Insiders and Brazilians sometimes consider the Rio and Sao Paulo Carnival as too touristic though. Locals often prefer the Carnival in Salvador de Bahia in the Northeastern state of Bahia. The party is at least as good if not even bigger and the Carnival itself is often seen as more authentic by the local people. So Salvador is definitely a good recommendation. Careful though, Salvador as well as Rio and Sao Paulo are not really the safest locations, especially at Carnival time. Robberies - armed or not -  can happen.

Carnival in the South is usually quiter and smaller. Though also there pretty much every city has its Samba Schools competing in the streets for the title of the best dancers and performance. This is truely a spectacle too and usually safer than in Rio, Sao Paulo or the Northeast. For the greatest party visitors have to go to one of those three though for sure.

What to see best at Brazilian Carnival

Carnival in Brazil

One of the biggest spectacles are the shows and movements of the different Samba Schools in each city. Pretty much every city in Brazil has them. . And of course the bigger the city, the merrier and bigger the Samba Shows are too. In Rio and Sao Paulo the big shows happen in huge Sambadroms that were just build for that purpose.

Carnival is more than just a party in Brazil. It's an expression for the feeling and joy of life. It has a big importance in nearly every Brazilian city, and even more so in the Northeast. Because of the huge importance no costs and efforts are spared to make the shows as gigantic as possible. The result are huge decorated carnival wagons, expensive dresses and perfectly studied dances of beautiful women. Definitely a must see.

Apart from the big shows with Samba and Costumes also the Club life is even bigger during Carnival. Most clusbs have Carnival parties where you can really continue the street party all the Carnival time through.

When to go to Carnival in Brazil

Of course in the Carnival season, which happens in January or February every year. The 2010 season starts on 13th February. The Carnival party and events then go on for 5 days. As so many people from inside and outside the country travel to the main Carnival centres accomodations are first of all more expensive and second easily booked out. Planning and booking your Carnival trip in Advance is very recommended thereby.


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