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Brazilian Beaches


Brazil's beaches are gorgeous. The coastline's is abot 7,500 km long and all its way one can find some of the most marvelhous beaches in the world.

The northeastern beaches with Palm and coconut trees behind the sand are giving the atmosphere of paradise. But also the beaches in the south of the contry as well as the area around Rio de Janeiro have a lot to offer.

Garopaba Beach at Sunrise

Best Beaches to visit in Brazil

Although pretty all beaches in Brazil qualify as very nice and clean beaches there are a few ones that stick out. One certainly has to mention some of the Northeastern Brazilian beaches that are aligned by almost ropical areas. Praia da Gunga close to Maceio or Praia do Flamengo one hour drive north from Salvador stand out with white sand and hectars of coconut trees behind the beach. 

The water temperature anywhere at the Northeast is usually above 25C. One fancy thing to do aournd the beaches in Natal is to rent a beach buggy and drive down around the dunes or even from city to the other just along the beach.

Praia do Gunga Beach in Maceio

South Brazilian beaches are also a very popular holiday desitination - and certainly for right. E.g. Santa Catarina's whole coastline has one amazing and very clean beach after the ofther. Not only are the Santa Catarina beaches perfect to just lay in the sand, enjoy the water or play soccer in the sand, they are also very good spot for many other activities.

Bombinhas Beach is a great location to make your diving certificate. In the winter months Whales can be watched in front of the Garopaba Beaches. The latter is also a very good destinations for surfers. The waves in Garopaba are some of the best in the country.

And of  course there are the beaches in and around Rio de Janeiro. The Copacabana or Ipanema are famous all around the world. A few hours away from the big city there are less crowded and not less beautful beaches as around the small colonial city of Paraty.


Best time to visit the beaches

The whole year is a good time to visit the Northeastern Beaches as the air tempearure never really gets lower then 25C. Closer to the South the temperatures get lower in the Brazilian winter (May to September). So especially for the Santa Catarina Beaches, but also the ones in and around Rio de Janeiro the best time to go is October to April.

Main season at the beaches are the end of the year holidays. So from christmas til the first week of January the beaches are full of people. The parties at the beach around new year on the other hand are great too. If you prefer the beaches quiter then it's probably better to avoid this time then.


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